Hydrographic Printing and Water Transfer Printing


API is a full line supplier of all paint coatings, activators and supplies for the hydrographic / water transfer printing industry. We supply a full line of Nanochem products that offer your customer the best product performance available, while providing you the best productivity and profitability. Many of our customers used to use our competitors’ products but now Save Time and Money using Nanochem.

Hydrographic AutomotiveHydrographic Wheel in CamoHydrographic SkullsHydrographic ConsoleHydrographic Pistols and RiflesHydrographic Spray

We also carry a full line of all other industrial products and supplies that we’d be happy to quote for you.

Hydrographic Coatings Contact:
Marc Devaud
Phone: 503-349-9949
E-mail: marc@apioregon.com

Why buy from API?
Responsive and Knowledgeable in Hydrographic Industry
Nanochem Products Distributor – Technology Driven Products
Our Low Gloss Topcoats have excellent chemical, mar and scratch resistance
Colors Cover Better
Excellent Durability
Full offering of all coatings and chemicals for the hydrographic process
More companies are switching to us

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All Products Included
Surface cleaners and pretreatments
Primers and adhesion promoters
Manual and automatic hydrographic activators
Vinyl basecoats – any color
Low gloss, high gloss and soft touch topcoats
Products specifically made for the outdoor industry
* Hydrographic films not available from API at this time.

Hydrographic Coating Supplies

What is Hydrographic Printing?

Hydrographic Printing is a multi-step process where Nanochem coatings are applied to a surface, then using a water transfer printing process a pattern is wrapped to painted surface and then topcoat of choice is applied. This process has gained popularity in outdoor sports and automotive parts as a way to add durability and customized style to everyday items. Our Nanochem products can be used on objects that can withstand water submersion for dipping process, such as a variety of metals, plastics, and composites.


Chemical Hydrographic Paint Supplies
Color Mixing components
Tint Bases
Pre-Mixed Colors
Cleaners Pretreatments
Adhesion Promoters
Top Coats